Vienna, Austria

The Stephansdom in Vienna, Austria

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the Viennese Cathedral and seat of the Austrian Catholic church. The Stephansdom is on the Stephansplatz at the end of the Kärtnerstraße shopping street. Yhe cathedral dates back to 1147 and has been enlarged and changed continuously till this day.

The Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna

The Viennese State Opera on the Opernring is one of the cultural highlights in a visit to Vienna.

Hofburg is the museum district in Vienna

Hofburg is the museum district of Vienna.

The Gasometer center used to be the Viennese gas depot, today it's been converted to apartments and offices

Gasometer was the gas storage facility of Vienna until the switch to natural gas in the early 1970's. But instead of tearing them down, they were converted to a combination of apartments and offices with a shopping center at the bottom floor.

The Prater Wheel in the Prater Amusement Park

The Prater Wheel is a very visible ride in the Prater Amusement Park, and offers a great view of downtown Vienna from its gondolas.

Schönbrunn Castle was the residence of the Austrian emperor

The Schönbrunn Castle was the residence of the Emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today the castle as well as the gardens and Zoo are popular with visitors.

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