Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague Old Town seen from the Prague Castle

This is The Old Town seen from The Prague Castle in the West, with the Karlov Most bridge at the bottom right and The Old town behind it to the left.

The Astronomical Clock in Prague

The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall tower goes back to 1410, with a major modification in 1490, where it got its present functionality and appearance. The story goes that Master Hanus had his eyes removed, making it impossible to build a similar clock, but records from the time tell that he kept working for many years after the completion.

The Municipal House in Prague

The Municipal House or Obecni Dum was built in 1906-1912 by 30 artists as a cultural center in the Czech National Revival period style. The Municipal House suffered severely through the Communist era in the Czech Republic, but was renovated and returned to its former glory in the 1990'ies.

The Karlov Most or Charles Bridge

The Karlov Most or Charles Bridge was constructed around 1400AD after its predecessor had been washed away by a flood in 1342. It was called The Stone Bridge until the 19th century when it got its current name. It is about 500 meters long and has been in use for over 600 years in spite of the occasional flood. It's sturdity is supposed to be achieved by the secret ingredient, eggs mixed into the cement.

The National Museum in Prague

The National Museum on the Wenceslas Square is a National Revival style building from the 1891. The National Museum is mainly a Natural History museum, but its attraction is its architecture rather than its collections.

The Prague Castle

The Prague Castle or Prazky Hrad is the World's largest castle, 570 meters long and app. 128 meters wide. Its history goes back to the 9th century, and it has been added to and expanded continuously since, adding a number of different building styles to it. The impressive St. Vitus Cathedral or Chram Sv. Vita had its magnificent Western facade built as late as 1948-1953.

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