London, Great Britain

The Big Ben in London

The Big Ben is the clock tower of The Palace Of Westminster, the home of the British parliament. It gets its name from the biggest bell in the tower, a giant of 13 tons which is only rung once a year, announcing the New Year.

The Tower Of London at The Thames River

The London Tower is a fortress originally built to defend London from vikings, but has had many roles since, including that of prison and execution ground.

The Tower Bridge across the River Thames in London

The Tower Bridge spans the Thames River next to The Tower Of London and the new and environmentally friendly London Town Hall.

The London Eye, a giant sightseeing wheel next to The Thames River

The London Eye is basically a giant wheel with gondolas, much like the Austrian Prater wheel in Vienna. It's just across the Thames River from Big Ben and The Palace Of Westminster.

Saint Paul's Cathedral in London

St. Pauls Cathedral is the Cathedral of London, not to be confused with the Westminster Abbey, which is owned by the Royal Family.

The Buckingham Palace in London, Great Britain

Buckingham Palace is the London home of the British Royal Family, at the Western end of The Mall.

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