Nidaros Dom Gargoyles

The Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway

The Nidaros Cathedral was begun built in 1153, when Trondheim became the home of a separate archbishopric. It is built on top of the grave of St Olav who fell at the Battle Of Sticklestad at the end of the viking era in 1030, and was soon after made a saint. The Nidaros Dom has burned down several times during the centuries and is still undergoing the latest reconstruction which was begun in 1879.

A traditional dragon gargoyle at the Nidaros Dom in Trondheim, Norway

A gargoyle in the shape of a man in severe pain

A man with a gaping mouth as gargoyle on the Stephansdom in Vienna

A gargoyle in the shape of a knight fighting against evil

A very direct demonstration if the struggle between good and evil gargoyle-style

A cleric gargoyle being eaten by a dragon gargoyle

Another man gargoyle in great pain at the Nidaros Church in Trondheim, Norway


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