Ale's Stones

Ale's Stones seen from Southeast

Ale's Stones or Ales Stenar is Sweden's largest stone ship setting, located a few kilometers East of Ystad on the South coast of Skaane and Sweden.

Ale's Stones overview close up

The stone ship is 67 meters or 75 yards long and 19 meters or 21 yards wide, orientated in a Southeast - Northwest direction.

Ale's Stones seen from the inside

As is typical for stone ships, it has a large stone, often a runic stone, at each end, and a number of smaller stones making up the ship shape in between. Stone ships were often used to burn important, deceased people, but there are no traces of a grave inside Ale's Stones.

The Northwestern end stone in Ales Stones

Ale's Stones consists of no less than 59 stones, raised from a slightly dug in position in the ground.

The West inner side of Ale's Stones

The Swedish National Heritage Board's archaelogical prospection group did a survey in 2006 using georadars and geophysical magnetometers and discovered remnants of a 50 meter or 55 yard in diameter stone circle East of Ale's Stones. It is possible that some of the stones from this circle were used in the construction of Ale's Stones.

Ale's Stones seen from South

Ale's Stones have been dated through doing a carbon 14 analysis of the objects found around the stone ship to around 600 AD, from the Iron Age and about 200 years before the beginning of the Viking Age. However, stone ships were made well into the viking age as late as the 10th century like The Glavendrup Stone Ship in Denmark. Ale's Stones is one of the first stone ships of its kind.


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